Where the sheep are …

Congratulations to :

John and Kate Bostek
2633 Tract Rd, Fairfield PA 17320
717-642-9444   roclans@comcast.net
(Said that they will have Cormo fleeces for sale in spring 2014)

Carolyn Boyd
Butte Mountain Farm
17336 Butte Mountain Rd.
Jackson, CA 95642
209.223.4814  carolyn@amadorca.com

Jamie L. Carlson
T and J Farms, Inc.
6224 S. Eastman Road
South Range, WI  54874

Margaret Day
1721 Beaver St.
Santa Rosa, CA 95404    margaretbday@aol.com

Vicki Eberhart
Montague Farm
Box 1710 , Oroville, WA 98844

Diana Erhart
2635 Saltair Road
Bethel, OH 45106

Chris and Wendy Hanson
Shaggy Bear Farms
PO Box 448
Scio, OR 97374
503-769-5781   candwhanson@hotmail.com

Mendenhall Wool Ranch (Colored Cormo crossbreds only)
4519 Fruitland Rd.
Loma Rica, CA 95901  woolranch@yahoo.com

Etta Mudge
3210 E Spillman Road
Chillicothe IL. 61523

Signe Ostby
386 Mountain Home Road
Woodside, CA 94062

Geof Ruppert
Ruppert’s Coriedales & Cormos
489 Crum Rd., Fairfiels, PA 17320

Linda Salsbury
7812 East Bend Road, Burlington, KY 41005

Sandra Schrader
Clear View Farm
10444 Crego Rd,
Waterman IL 60556

Willo Vieira
Vieira Ranch
317 S. Mill Creek Rd.
Quincy, CA 95971


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Monterey, CA Wool Show Fleece Judging

What a great two days!  I had the opportunity to go down to Monterey to  see the fleece judging at the Wool Show.  Thanks to the car show which resulted in no lodging available,  my brother took me  to my first San Jose Giants baseball game.

My grand nephew Ben works at the park.

My knitting was in that bag but I didn’t knit a stitch all night.

When I downloaded the photos off my phone I was just sick.  I only have a very small % of what I’ve snapped for the past 2 days. I’m going to have to find some help because I don’t want to ever have this happen again. I’ve taken plenty of pictures  on this phone successfully and I have no idea what I did wrong.


This is just a small corner of the informative display on wool that they had set up just for the day in the fleece judging building.  I hope that they can fit it all in the smaller building for the wool show during the fair.

Of all the photos I took of the actual judging, I only have these two.

This is the Cormo Ewe Class, the beginning of the Breed Division (They go in alphabetical order). You can see all of the fleeces lined up on the tables in back of the judge and clerks. The judge, Ron Brandt, is the big tall guy and all of the others are volunteers. It takes a lot of workers to put on a good show and the folks at Monterey do a terrific job.  You don’t see the people who came in and set up and provided the lunch and the people who were checking in the hand crafted items all day, and of course all of these fleeces had to checked in and set up eariler.

The judge examined each fleece very carefully and provided scores for characteristics that are most important to hand spinners.  I don’t have the pictures of him comparing  the locks under the special light with the black background or looking through all areas of the fleeces.

I took pictures of each of my fleeces with it’s ribbons and I don’t have one of them. I can get them at the sale but that doesn’t help you to make the decisions on bidding on fleeces. You will just have to go by the scanned locks and the old photos that I do have.  More than once I heard the judge say that the quality was so close on fleeces that were next to each other that the placing could be put either way. I guess that won’t help you much either but here is what my fleeces did.

The show is broken into  Divisions so  fleeces are first judged against similar fleeces in classes then the first in the classes go against each other  for the champion  of the division.  After all the champions are chosen they go against each other for the grand champion  and reserve (second place)  of  all of the fleeces.  The white fleeces have the purebred  or Breed Division and the Market Division that has only ewe fleeces and they do not have to be pure breeds.  the Natural Colored fleeces are divided by  Color into 3 Divisions; Black, Solid other than black, and Variegated. Each of those divisions had a champion then from those they choose a champion and reserve of all the colored fleeces.

This is the end, picking the Grand Champion. The tables behind the judge are all empty and fleeces are lined up by the door waiting to be taken out. The fleeces on the judging table are all my fleeces.
#030 1st Cormo ram
Champion Breed Division
“Garth” 2nd Cormo ram

“Lila” 1st Cormo ewe
#1177 2nd Cormo ewe

“Louisa” 1st  Fine Market
Champion Market Division
Grand Champion of all fleeces

“Kissy” 2nd Fine Market

#113 1st Fine Black
Champion Black Division

#111 1st Fine Solid other than black
Champion Solid other than black Division

#168 2nd  Fine Solid other than black
Reserve Champion Solid other than black Division

“Daisy” 1st Fine Variegated
Champion Variegated Division
Champion of all colored fleeces
Reserve Grand Champion

#1146 2nd Fine Variegated
Reserve Champion Variegated

Be sure to visit the Monterey County Fair and wool show and don’t forget the fleece auction on Labor Day Sept. 2.  The auction starts at 12:30 but you can go in through gate 4 at 10:00 to examine the fleeces.

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Love These Cormos

Jane was anxious to get her hands on a sheep again, so volunteered to help with helping with hoof trimming and changing coats.  I always welcome Jane’s company and help.  I thought that she would be especially helpful with the yearlings as they have not had much handling and tend to be more scared and flighty. People have been encouraging me to show a couple of the yearlings at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in September.  As much as I would like to share my Cormo sheep with the world, taking these unhandled sheep away from their home for the first time does not sound very appealing, especially since I have never shown a sheep before. After Saturday,  I’m thinking it might not be so bad after all and maybe they would handle it OK.

290# 290 decided pretty quickly that people are pretty nice and ear rubs feel good. I stopped giving my sheep names when I decided to give them up but she is begging for a name beginning with “G”.  (Her mother is Glory).  I’m thinking maybe “Godiva” or she is pretty “Glorious”. She just hasn’t told us yet. Any suggestions?

The pedis were easy. There are only 19 ewes left and only a few needed trimming. The sheep were all calm and cooperative.  245 had been a little nervous earlier, but the hay was all gone and it was getting a little warmer and I guess boring so she laid down.  Jane just hugged her neck and I stretched her legs out so she was on her side and I could trim her feet.  Jane was talking to her and rubbing her face and by the time her feet were done sh was asleep on Jane’s lap.

245Her nap didn’t last long because 290 got jealous for Jane’s attention and disturbed her.


The attention hog! Will she be another Farrah?


I will so miss these Cormo sheep!!!


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2nd Annual and Final Open Farm & Fleece Sale

Sat. May 4, 2013

10:00 am to 4:00 pm


Your wheel  and a project  and or questions to share with other fiber artists.

I’ll have chairs here but you might want to bring your comfortable folding chair.

A dish to share for the pot-luck lunch


Adult supervised children are welcome but no animals please.

Sheep consider all dogs to be wolves. There are 3 Livestock Guardian Dogs who live with the sheep and take their jobs seriously. We will be sharing the yard with Joe,  the Border Collie herding dog and  3 cats. All of the animals are very aware of who belongs here and who doesn’t. The human visitors will be enough excitement for the sheep.


Sue is retiring and will be moving on to new adventures. The sheep were shorn for the last time here in February so these will be the last fleeces available from

Cormo Sheep & Wool Farm.

Hessy showing off her beautiful colors

While the sheep get their massages after being shorn, we enjoy admiring them. It’s a brief opportunity since they wear covers 24/7 to keep their fleeces clean and free of Vegetable Matter.

Some of the sheep have been sold and have already moved to their new homes.

The new sheep are introduced to the alpacas

Thank you Signe for giving these sheep such a lovely new home.

Meet the Sheep

11:00, 1:00 & 3:00


Fleece Sales will start at 10:00

Also available:

White and Natural Colored combed Top Fresh from the Mill

Cormo Yarns


Limited amounts of various Cormo rovings

Fleeces will be posted on the web site and available  for mail orders the following week.


Acceptable Payments:


Check made out to Sue Reuser

Credit Card ( as long as the cell phone works)


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Getting Ready for Shearing

Missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

We start shearing the sheep next Saturday.  This year the hay was stacked (7 bales high) a little too close to the stall where we shear the sheep.  These bales weigh close to 100 lbs. so the only way that I can move them is by rolling , dragging or lifting one end at a time.  The situation looked pretty overwhelming to me but these Missionaries volunteered to make  an aisle for me where we can  get the fleeces from Tim and weigh the fleeces.  Hay is stacked in a way that the bales will lock together. It makes the stack secure so it won’t fall over but it also means that you can’t just move one or two bales from a side. When I saw the amount of bales that they would have to move I told them that I could live with it if they could at least move half of the length but they had that whole aisle cleared quickly. Not only did they move the bales but they re- stacked them neatly where they would be out of the way.  Their cheerful attitudes make them fun to be around too. I hope that their families can see this and enjoy these photos and know how much these young men are appreciated. The volunteers from other churches in our community who run the Orland Food Pantry also appreciate their help. The primary mission of these young men is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but they also follow the example of Jesus and serve others. It is awesome that they do so with such joy and are willing to give up 2 years of of their lives when most people their age are in college or starting careers. Knowing good young men like these gives me hope for our country these days when things are bleak for so many.


It’s a treat for Joe too and  when the Missionaries are here he hangs out with them and tries to convince them that the is a “frisby dog” instead of a working herding dog.

It didn’t take long for the Elders to learn that a handful of grain will make the rams much more cooperative for a photo op.


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Sale on Cormo Top in December

This is the first time that discounts have been given on good quality processed wool. I just sent off more fleece to be made into combed top and there is still a limited quantity  of both white Cormo and Natural colored Cormo crossbred top available in 1lb., 8oz., 5 oz. and 2.5 oz bags.

YOu may take 25% off if payment is received here by Tues, Dec. 29, 2012.

This is the first time that discounts have been given on good quality processed wool. I just sent off more fleece to be made into top and there is a limited quantity of top still available in 1 lb, 8 oz., 5 oz., and 2.5oz. bags. You may take 25% off  if payment is received here by Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2012. http://cormo.us/Roving/roving.htm

 Meet Garnet, a very lovely girl!

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Dec 15, 2012 All raw fleece has been sold

Yes, all of the fleeces have been sold including the special ones that have been posted here on the blog and even all of the small 5.5 oz bags of fleece.  I can’t have a blog post without pictures so here are a couple that Jane took when we were crutching the ewes. Jane likes the unique mark on 111′s nose and wants everyone to know that she is claiming her 2013 fleece. The 2013 fleeces will not be available until the Open Farm & Fleece Sale on May 25, 2013.

But we couldn’t help but tease you just a bitwith 146′s fleece  and show you what you have to look forward to.

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New Fleece available for Thanksgiving

5.5 oz bags Cormo Fleece

2012 Fleeces from Kay and Katy

Covered all year , 4.5 inch staple

$12/bag + $3.50 Shipping for 1-2 bags

Kay’s and Katy’s 2012 fleeces were portioned out into 5.4 oz bags to sell through the Fibershed Marketplace. 5.5 oz should yield about 4 oz of yarn or washed fiber.

This is a good opportunity to get a smaller amount of a quality Cormo fleece and still have enough for a small project.  To place an order send an email with your name, a phone # and mailing address.

If you would like a picture of a fleece donor to go with you project you may use this photo of Kay with her lamb that was taken  in April 2012.




Colored crossbred yearling ram #119 was recently shorn . It has been covered since his first shearing, but has only been growing for 8 months so is shorter  (3-3.5 inches) than most of our fleeces.

I still have trouble getting the color to look right in the photos so I’ve included photos of the sheep and the fleece with Joe for contrast.

And a scanned lock:

The fleece weighs 6.7 lbs.  is $20/ lb. for  a total of $134 plus shipping. Please send  an email with your name, shipping address and a phone # if you are interested in purchasing it. It probably will not be available for long.


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White Cormo Hogget Fleece Available

Cormo Hogget 132

Some friends picked this fleece on shearing day but now have decided that … can you believe this? ….. they have enough stash!I told them that I could probably find a home for it pretty quickly since the hogget fleeces have been sold out for awhile. As usual, this hogget might have a bit more VM than my adult fleeces because the lambs have to grow enough to fit the coats. This never got put on the website so there is not a scanned lock picture but I think that the photos here show it pretty well.  The photos are also up with the photos of the show fleeces on the Picasa site and I think that you can enlarge them there.


4.25 in staple, 3.67 lbs., $25/lb., $92

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Monterey Wool Show

The fleece auction will be held on the last day of the Monterey County Fair, Labor Day Sept. 3, 2012.  In order to better support the  fiber event and be able to better serve my customers who are unable to attend the event the event chairperson has given me permission to bid for other people. The fleeces that are at the show and will be in the auction are listed on the colored and white 2012 fleece pages  of the website.  If you want to bid on one of the fleeces that will be auctioned on  Labor Day just tell me the maximum $ /lb. that you want to bid. I will  place incremental bids for you up to the maximum that you tell me to  bid.  Since I will have to pay the show for the fleece at the auction,  I will require a check made to Sue Reuser be in my hand by 8/30 for  the amount of the opening bid.  If you win the fleece I will figure  the shipping and adjusted auction price and send an invoice. If your highest bid is not the winning bid I will give you a full refund.

I don’t know if they will have the same auctioneer this year. In the  past the bids are usually raised at $0.25 /lb increments but they have  a lot of fleeces and keep the auction moving right along. Some fleeces  sell at the opening bid and there are always some that don’t sell  because there are no takers at the opening bid.

You can see the basic information about the fleeces on the web pages along with the pictures of the scanned locks.  I have put up more pictures of these fleeces on the Picasa site. I just put up several shots because as you can see it is next to impossible to get the true colors to come out right.

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